T01 Wireless Long Range Transmitter (Repeater)

Предмет №: T01
The wireless outdoor repeater enrolls the wireless transmitted detectors automatically; two wired zones own anti-sabotage function that makes it convenience to connect with the wired remitting devices and electronic fences; as a repeater, it makes the wir


  1. Same frequency or inter-frequency transmitting wireless signal. Enhance transmitting distance.
  2. Two transmitting methods for option. Authorized transmitting or unauthorized transmitting.
  3. Automatically transmitting.
  4. Two groups of output interfaces for NO/NC. It can be used in the devices of linkage alarms or sirens.
  5. Be suitable for outdoor environment and waterproof.
  6. Tamper & anti-sabotage design.
  7. Own 2 wired zones, which can make NO/NC by the end-of-line resistances.
  8. Enroll with remote-controllers for and detectors automatically.
  9. Transmit 8 remote-controllers and 20 detectors, the 20 detectors are corresponding to 20 wireless zones of the alarm system.
  10. Report the state of arm/ disarm to the alarm system.
  11. Backup battery.
  12. External siren available                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       TECHNOLOGIC PARAMETER
Receiving frequency 433M
Wireless receiving distance 1-1000M (in open area)
Transmitting frequency 315M
Wireless transmitting distance 1-10KM (in open area)
Transmitting zone Unauthorized method can transmit unlimited zones Authorized method can transmit 20 zones
Wirless remote control number 8 (frequency: 315Mhz)
Wired zones 2 (NO/NC/Line end resistance)
Working current standby current ≤ 20mA, emitting current ≤ 500mA
Alarm output COM/NC.NO, current < 1A, Output time: 1 minute
Power output AUX: DC12V 300mA
Working power AC 220V ± 15% 50Hz, DC: 12V - 1.3Ah
Dimension 255mm × 180mm × 75mm

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