P500 restaurant buzzers

Предмет №: P500 restaurant buzzers
1.Easy to install, save space ,suitable for any restaurant
2.Technology of touch identify for keypad simple operation
3.Technology of infrared ray code proprietary for calling
4.Smart and simple design ,easy to operation for anyone


1.Large range transmission,range is up to 1000 meters in open area.

2.Using exclusive frequency band encryption technology, with strong anti-interference.

3.Using aviation million coding technology to ensure stable signal transmission.

4.LCD display function,can accurately call the pager number.

5. Multiple prompt modes: vibration/beep/flash light.Three mode can be combined randomly.

6.Time of pager receiver prompt is adjustable. (001-999 seconds)

7. Intelligent charging system to prevent overcharge. The battery life can be up to 5 years. 2 hours charge for 72 hours standby.

8. Unique ID,interference free.

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