GSM03 wireless house alarm system

Предмет №: GSM03 wireless alarm system
1.850/900/1800/1900Mhz, GSM Frequency for global use.
2.Support 2 wired defense zones, 99 wireless zones, and 8 remote controllers.
3.Can set 6 groups of alarming phone numbers,It will call the preset phone numbers automatically to inform the alarm info
  1. Voice Prompt for all the operations.
  2. Wireless learning coding. Fast and easy to add the new accessories.
  3. 3 groups of timing arm and disarm
  4. Record the installation position of the host for 10s
  5. The names of each defense zone can be revised. Defense 1-9 can be recorded separately
  6. Support wireless siren (315MHZ frequency,customized for other frequency)
  7. Program the alarm position. You can define the names as you like or use the suggested name such as SOS, fire alarm, gas alarm, door alarm etc.
  8. Program the defense zone into immediate, delay, 24hours, bypass model.
  9. Arm , disarm, monitor, intercom the host remotely.
  10. Various arm model including immediate arm, delay arm , home arm, timing arm, remote arm.
  11. The beep volume of paired wireless siren can be adjusted from degree 1 to degree 4.
  12. Low battery alert of the accessories.

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